John Shaffer

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Prior to joining Greenhill, John was Director of information systems for Whitney & Co. and previously was a technology consultant for firms including Reuters and Unilever. John has a degree in Information Technology from the University of Connecticut. His background includes success in managing and developing global infrastructure, implementing and maintaining a world-class and progressive cybersecurity infrastructure, improving business processes, defining and implementing technology best practices, strategic outsourcing, risk management, and compliance.

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  • Red team engagements are the gold standard in security testing, but they are too expensive to do frequently. Randori's automated methodology bridges the gap, giving me the ability to continuously test my tools, people and processes against real-world scenarios. Over the past year, Randori has greatly enhanced my visibility into our security stack and been an agent to change our internal culture of security. Randori has helped move us to a continuously more robust security posture.