John Waupsh

CEO at Nerve
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John is the Chief Executive Officer at Nerve. Prior to founding Nerve, John spent 15 years leading product management, R&D and user experience at Kasasa, a fintech company serving more than 800 banks and credit unions and millions of consumers nationwide. He is the founder of Preservation Project, a boutique record label that discovers previously-unreleased funk and soul music, and Conserve Music, a sync licensing catalog of hundreds of obscure funk and soul tracks.

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  • The features that we have are much more focused on a professional musician who actually makes money for their music, versus somebody who maybe runs a startup or has a business mowing lawns. These are people who identify as musicians first and foremost. They may have a design or freelance gig, but that's just the way that they pay some bills. We are very focused on the fact that musicians all around the world face these same challenges, and we'd love to be able to provide the same services to people in other countries.

    7 February 2022
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    7 February 2022
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