Johonniuss Chemweno

Founder and CEO at VIP StarNetwork™ and 3 other companies
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Johonniuss Chemweno is the CEO of Inverse Medical, where he has devoted his career to healthcare services, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and patient services. He has extensive experience in strategic sales, business development, regulatory, manufacturing, health insurance, and complex healthcare transactions. His recent activities include patient services in the post-acute environment, health insurance regulatory, and surgical implants, all through selling products and services to hospitals. He is working with manufacturers, physician groups, health insurers, public officials, and the State Legislator to implement DevicePath.

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  • Everyone is on high alert right now. Ultimately, we don’t want any exposure on set. Everybody has to ensure the safety of the crew, to ensure production keeps going.

    22 May 2021
  • This partnership turns an important corner for healthcare access, all while understanding the critical, worldwide need for safety and security measurements for validated COVID-19 vaccinations and tests.

    22 May 2021