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Strategic Creative Advisor at Real Estate Bees
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Jon Jeffress is the Strategic Creative Advisor at Real Estate Bees and has been in photography since 2008 and founded his own company in 2012. Jon specializes in residential and commercial real estate photography (including drone photos, and 3D/virtual photo tours) as well as art, event, automotive, architectural, and landscape photography. Apart from photography, Jon’s company also provides printing and framing services.

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  • 5/3/2022 - If [the homeowners] have a pool, it’s best that they have removed leaves and debris and have the water balanced properly so it’s clear and beautiful. Some homeowners don’t take the initiative to clean up their pet waste from the yard, which is not a great thing if we photograph the outside of the home before the inside of the home.

    19 May 2022
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    19 May 2022
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