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Co-founder at Bizydev
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Jonathan is the Founder of Bizydev, a NYC-based Business Development group that works with technology, product and service companies to help them accelerate growth. Some of the ways we help create value for our clients and partners is through customer acquisition, forming strategic partnerships, facilitating capital connectivity and ideating marketing/innovation.

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  • Launching Bizydev has been incredibly rewarding as it allows me to pursue my passion each day, while bringing innovation to the market and delivering true value for our clients. Regardless of what stage of maturity a business is in, there is always an opportunity for a company to grow and develop. Through Bizydev, we are able to amplify our clients’ position in the marketplace and empower them to achieve their goals and emerge as industry-leading companies that will remain at the forefront of their respective sectors.

    19 August 2021
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