Jonathan Saeidian

Founder/CEO - Senior Growth Strategist at Brenton Way and 1 other company
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Jonathan Saeidian is the Chief Executive Officer at INITIATE.AI. They deliver growth exceptionally well from tailored outreach lead generation for B2B to PR campaign strategy for B2C.

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  • The biggest mistake every CEO, including myself, makes during the hiring process is not giving a comprehensive job description. We fail to provide a clear and specific job description because we are preoccupied with our work responsibilities and the need for enough staffing in the organization. As a result, when new employees begin working for the company, they feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they must complete, causing them to become stressed and decide to leave. All of our efforts, time, and money spent on employing the person will be wasted if this occurs. We’ll have to go through the recruitment process all over again to find a replacement, which is inconvenient and slows down operations.

    3 August 2021
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