Jonathan Silver

CEO and Co-Founder at Engage People
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Jonathan has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience driving growth in the loyalty and technology industry. Prior to Engage People, Jonathan held numerous senior positions in the loyalty sector and was Chairman and Co-owner of MyAxs and CEO and Co-founder of Access (formerly LRG Rewards). His passion is the customer space where he focuses on developing innovative solutions that drive tangible results.

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  • We're proud to serve as Bilt's PwP provider, and we're looking forward to delivering innovative ways for renters holding a Bilt Mastercard to shop online. As inflation rates continue to rise, these types of partnerships serve to bring relief to consumers at point of sale. What better way to be rewarded for paying your rent than to earn points that can be spent on household goods, technology, and everyday items that are available online.

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