Jonha Richman

Advisory Board Member at Litecoin Foundation and 1 other organization
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On the advisory board of selected tech and Blockchain companies, including - Litecoin Foundation, Polybird Exchange, among others.

Jonha Richman invests through her private investment fund, JJ Richman. The firm's latest investments have been focused on real estate, equities, bonds, commodities, emerging technologies (such as AI, big data) and various other globally diversified assets.

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  • Success is relative for many people – for some, it’s about battling the inner demons that constantly try to distract us from achieving our goals. For others, it’s closing that much-coveted sale. For me, whenever I’m able to connect two talented people to reach a common goal – that for me is the epitome of collaboration and success.

    — Jonha Richman, Advisory Board of Blockchain Startups and Investor at JJ Richman

    10 June 2019
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  • Litecoin Foundation
    Advisory Board Member
    started Jan 2019
  • JJ Richman
    started Nov 2014