Jordan Silbert

CEO and Founder at Q Mixers
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Jordan Silbert started Q Mixers after a warm summer night drinking gin and tonics in his backyard with good friends. A few sips in, his teeth felt sticky, the bubbles were gone, and the taste of his gin was lost in cloying sweetness. Picking up the tonic water he saw why — a big plastic bottle already flat, loaded with high fructose corn syrup! In a gin-induced flash of inspiration, Jordan knew he needed to make a superior tonic water — one that would make his favorite drink even better.

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  • More of a progression. It was very much the frog in boiling water, where you don't really feel it. And then all of a sudden you look up and it's like, "Whoa, we're at every Kroger, Albertsons, Target and Publix in the country. That's pretty unbelievable." Part of the reason I didn't really feel that much is because I am very hands-on. I literally was at the plants the very first time I produced it, delivered the first cans myself. So I'm very hands-on, even today. I clearly don't go to the plants each and every time or make every sales call, but I'm very involved in how we do stuff.

    25 October 2021
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