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Chief Executive Officer at Manage Infinity
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Joseph Kingland is the Chief Executive Officer for Blue Team Alpha, leading Blue Team Alpha in it's mission of partnering with organizations to prepare them for and respond to cybersecurity incidents. ​

During a time of exponential growth for Self Esteem Brands, Kingland was the Chief Security Officer and Chief Privacy Officer for the organization totaling over 1 billion in revenue in 2016. During this time, Kingland was responsible for the International IT and Security Vendor Management team, Corporate Infrastructure team, Information Security team, Data Privacy team, and the Retail Technology team. The organization grew from two brands and 1000 locations to over seven brands in 30 countries and 4000 locations.​

​Kingland was one of the founding members of Manage Infinity, LLC in 2011. Serving as a Managing Partner, he took on the Chief Executive role and has grown the organization from one brand into five distinct focused brands.​

​With the Navy, Kingland served Active Duty in the United States Submarine Force serving on the USS Pennsylvania as the lead Information Systems Administrator and served as Sound Silencing Officer. ​

​Kingland earned his Bachelor Degree in Information Security Systems from Metropolitan State University. He also holds an Associate Degree in Information Security and Networking and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. `

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  • “A ransomware gang may have five or six ways into a company. They’ll get in one way, then they’ll open up another door for themselves over here, and they’ll open up a window over there.”

    24 March 2022
  • “Eighty percent of the companies that get hit with a ransom attack get hit with a second one. The ransomware isn’t getting removed properly. Or else the companies aren’t shoring up their defenses after an attack. They figure they paid the ransom, so it’s back to business as usual.”

    24 March 2022
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