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Founder/CEO at Propllr
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Josh Inglis, a Business Insider Top People in Tech PR, is the founder and principal of Propllr, a PR and content marketing firm that helps startups and technology companies gain visibility and credibility with key audiences. His first foray into technology came in 1981 when he bought a Sinclair ZX-81 - complete with a 64k RAM cartridge - with his paper-route, mowing, babysitting and snow-shoveling earnings. Josh is a regular mentor for individual startups and at Techstars, SXSW and with various startup incubators, accelerators and VCs.

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  • Propllr was very fortunate to provide a service that's pretty easily delivered from anywhere, so logistically we experienced very little disruption. What did change, perhaps, was a bit more formalization of processes to ensure consistency.

    16 February 2021
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