Josh Katz

CEO and Co-Founder at Yellowheart
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Josh Katz is the Founder of YellowHeart. YellowHeart is a blockchain ticketing platform. Josh Katz is the Co-Founder apof El Media Group (EMG). Established in 2005, EMG is the premier subscription music provider for business, servicing over 10,000 of the premier luxury brands in hospitality, food and beverage, airports, casinos and retail. EMGalso designs and installs audio, video, security and technology solutions for brands in these sectors.

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  • For YellowHeart, democratizing the modern live music experience is our mission. As in-person events start to come back, introducing the many ways NFTs can transform and amplify live music for both artists and fans, in a way that's better for the environment, is all the more exciting. It was important to ZHU to have both a carbon-neutral process, as well as offer tokens that are gas-free, so all of his fans could participate in this iconic drop. Since YellowHeart uses Ethereum Layer 2, which uses proof-of-stake, it is the most efficient blockchain solution in terms of gas fees and energy consumption.

  • When it comes to NFTs, there has been a massive gold rush over the past several months, with new companies in the space launching almost daily. In contrast, NFTs are far from new to YellowHeart. In fact, our engineers have been working tirelessly on launching our NFT marketplace for over three years. As a company driven by fans and artists, our mission is to partner with musicians to create meaningful and impactful collections through a sustainable NFT minting system that is better for the environment. This is why partnering with XXXTentacion's team for this drop to pay homage to his footprint on the history of hip-hop, as well as continue his work giving back through the XXXFoundation, was a no brainer.

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