Joshua Pardhe

Global Markets Control Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs and 1 other company
On the record

Joshua is an experienced 20 year old Barrett Honors engineering and Business Senior with a demonstrated history of digital design, computer hardware synthesis and cybersecurity measures, team/project management, and program/organizational leadership. Joshua is pursuing a concentration in cybersecurity in Computer Systems Engineering, a minor in business, and certificates in international management and cross-sector leadership, placing on the Dean's List every semester. He currently serves as Vice President of the Sun Devil Alka Rocketeers, Executive Board Member for ASU AI, and Cofounder and CTO of Codonify LLC.

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  • Aramark is a system that carries out and often justifies its wrongdoings, so as a coalition, we are working to answer this call to action by President Crow by working to replace Aramark at ASU.

    20 December 2021
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