Jovi Overo

Managing Director of BaaS at Unlimint
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Jovi loves to use fintech, payments and innovation to solve friction in customer experiences. He creates, scales and optimizes businesses and products that matter. To accomplish this, Jovi focuses on key results, build amazing teams and quickly adapt to new insights.

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  • I think Amazon’s strategy by bringing this to the public domain is probably a negotiation tactic. That’s how Amazon gets good press and free media coverage (at a time when all the recent news about Amazon are either associated with employee scandals or their CEO flying to space while climate change remains a very concerning issue). As Don Draper always says…’If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation.’ Amazon is now being championed as the protector of customers’ purchase power vs. the ‘big bad’ card schemes. Amazon continues to play chess while everyone else plays checkers. I anticipate Amazon will soon be launching their own BNPL product. This would be an instant hit, have huge adoption, and add would bring in additional revenue. Will this be good for customers. Yes, but at what cost?

    4 January 2022
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