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I believe the skincare we use is only as good as the ingredients used to make it. We wanted to create unique products, taking great care and attention choosing only natural and organic ingredients, letting mother nature heal, protect and nourish your skin. Our Skincare products are the very definition of Superfood for your skin. Packed full of nature’s natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that and will leave it feeling softer, replenished, brighter, hydrated and more compact. Our smart naturally inspired products are made and created in small batches using the finest natural ingredients and pure fresh donkey milk from ethically sourced and sustainable sources.

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  • It's the nearest milk to human milk – and contains 40 times more Vitamin C than cow's milk. When you first put the serum on it feels tight, like Botox, and it minimizes your pores and makes your skin smoother. It's like putting a superfood on your face. The key to our products is the high percentage of active ingredients that we use. The Smart Ass serum is 98% donkey milk. You're getting about 10 skincare ingredients in a teaspoon of donkey milk.

    Cell turnover takes six to eight weeks and you'll notice the difference then. Chemicals such as retinol have become really popular but they have to go through a process within the cell to be effective, these are 100% nourishment without any nasties. I'm working with a girl just now who has skin problems and is experiencing a lot of shedding, due to the natural lactic acid, but her skin is looking so much better. It also leaves a protective film over our skin, which helps ward off free radicals.

    26 December 2021
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