Judit Giró Benet

Co-Founder at The Blue Box Biomedical Solutions
On the record

Judit Giró Benet, 24, Biomedical engineer, University of Barcelona; is my formal presentation. My other description, the more personal and interesting one, the one I do feel is presented below. They say that what defines people are the experiences that they live and all they learn out of them. I certainly agree with that and if I can choose how I want to be defined, I want to be a person who gets moved by great projects, someone who knows how to transmit that motivation into people around her and one who believes that, with the right partners and willingness, any project can become real.

Recent Quotes
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  • The Blue Box has the potential to make cancer screening a part of daily life. It can help to change the way society fights breast cancer to ensure that more women can avoid an advanced diagnosis. The day that James Dyson told me that I had won the International prize was a real turning point as the prize money will allow me to patent more extensively and expedite research and software development I am doing at the University of California Irvine. But, most of all, hearing that he believes in my idea has given me the confidence I need at this vital point.

    13 August 2021
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