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Jules Martinez Hirst is an Etiquette expert and co-author of the book, "Power of Civility.” Ms. Hirst offers Modern Manners classes and is dedicated to providing students and employees with tips and techniques to handle proper etiquette in today's highly competitive, global marketplace.

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  • Whatever the CDC and government officials are telling us, these are guidelines to keep us alive and keep us healthy. Manners are a guideline so you still have friends when this is over.

    28 July 2021
  • The best way to handle this is similar to any other event you attend. If you knew you would not be able to attend an event, the proper etiquette would be to RSVP as soon as you know; the same goes for your family. As soon as you know or as soon as you are even considering not going, then you should let your family know.

    28 July 2021
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