Justin Howell

Co-Founder and CEO at Rize Inc.
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Justin is the Co-Founder and CEO at Rize. He is on a mission to transform financial services using technology and behavioral design, and to help every Millennial become financially healthy. He is a dedicated entrepreneur. Justin Co-founded and worked at several startups in an operating capacity. He had also acted as Advisor to numerous other early-stage companies, including as an investor and board member.

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  • We founded Rize because we had a vision of how financial services could work in a much more customer-centric and intuitive fashion. Originally starting out as a B2C fintech, we set out with the goal to translate the highly regulated and siloed financial services industry into a set of intuitive user experiences that match how people actually think about and use money in the real world. This turned out to be a massive infrastructure problem, not just a user-experience problem.

    6 December 2021
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