Justin Parry

Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder at Immerse
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Justin is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder at Immerse. He has 20 years of experience creating and growing B2C and B2B products for start-ups and global organisations. He has developed and launched online platforms, websites and mobile products across the world and joined Immerse from his role as Global Director of Internet Yellow Pages for Yell Group. As a Founder, he designed and led product development of the Immerse platform from scratch. Justin now oversees the delivery of all technology and VR content across the organization.

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  • Our aim is to reduce the time and cost of enterprise virtual reality [VR] development – not just for us, but for everyone. Big organisations want standardisation, both in user experience and data. The barrier to entry to this market is the huge investment of time and money needed for development. By shrinking that, Immerse wants to help everyone make money. Immersive training is far more effective than traditional two-dimensional training schemes. It appeals to both your business sense and your emotions. All these delivery problems are solved by the fact that immersive training can be automated, replicated and dispersed anywhere. It is a mass market now and would be even bigger if the developers could keep up with demand and if distribution was more efficient.

    9 May 2022
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    Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder