K.C. Rondello, MD

University Epidemiologist and Clincial Associate Professor at Adelphi University
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K.C. is a Disaster Epidemiologist and Clinical Associate Professor.

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  • There will never be a time when some government agency says, 'Ok, you're good to go. There will never be that sort of announcement, so determining when the right time is and pulling the trigger is a question that many people are going to increasingly face. After that quarantine period, then you can have your visit in a safe manner.

    24 May 2021
  • In actual public health risk, consequences of continuing distance learning for their education, for their family, the economy, and so on… it’s understandable that there’d be anxiety and concern. There’s a lot we know that we didn’t know when COVID-19 started. Fortunately, the vast majority of those fears have been unfounded, and the schools that did meet in person — provided that they followed mitigation strategies — we really didn’t see the huge spike in new cases.

    24 May 2021
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