Kacie Swartz, CFP, CIMA

CFP®, CIMA®, Senior Wealth Manager at Stone Wealth Management
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Kacie Swartz, CFP, CIMA, specializes in guiding mid-career professionals as they pursue their goals of financial freedom and helping women through major life changes like ending a marriage or losing a spouse. Her background in investment education makes her a good fit for clients interested in broadening their knowledge of financial planning and investments, including ESG environmentally sustainable and socially responsible strategies. Kacie is a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the Investments & Wealth Institute (IWI), and is a spokesperson for the CFP® board's Women's Initiative to attract women to the financial planning profession. She is a frequent public speaker promoting financial literacy.

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  • We're in Our 20s, Have $65,000 in Savings, and Want to Buy a Home. Can We Afford It? - To help the Lehenbauers figure out whether (and when) to buy a home, Money called on local expert Kacie Swartz, a financial planner at Stone Asset Management in Austin. Below are her recommendations on how the pair can finance their home-buying dream as well as their other goals.

    Swartz’s meetings with the Lehenbauers led to one shocking revelation: The couple didn’t fully grasp what assets they already owned. After an initial look at the couple’s finances, Swartz strongly advised that they delay home-buying for at least a couple more years, to shore up their savings and pay off their credit card debt.

    “It’s like Antiques Roadshow in here today,” Swartz remarks when they calculate the sum. “It changes the frame of everything,” she adds. “It gives you the opportunity to help fund Mallory’s company over the next few years as it grows and fund a retirement plan.” It also could help them realize their dream of buying a home in the next year — if they’re willing to cash in at least some of the holdings.


    15 April 2021
  • Retirement Wrinkles for Couples with Age Gaps - If you are eligible to use Table II and you rely on your IRA custodian to calculate your RMD each year, “it’s a good idea to double-check the math,” says Kacie Swartz, an adviser in Austin, Texas. Some custodians automatically use Table III, she says—meaning you may be pulling more than required from your retirement kitty.


    15 April 2021
  • Six Figures and Still Feeling Broke - “We have encountered many clients who are high earners, but are not big savers,” says Kacie Swartz, a certified financial planner in Austin,Texas. “It’s no surprise that a higher income can change one’s perspective of ‘want’ and ‘need’.”


    15 April 2021
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    15 April 2021
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