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Kali Angelina Ferrara is a New York City based hair stylist and hair colorist with an extensive repertoire ranging from balayage, foiling, rich hues, and color correction. With an emphasis on color, Kali is always keeping up with current looks and trends, while also integrating the classic looks of years past. A specialist in blondes, Kali has a knack for creating the correct tone for ones complexion. Trained in hair cutting through Tony and Guy, Kali is able to give a clean, classic haircut, while also using more advanced techniques to give the desired result; Kali is also experienced in cutting curly hair using the Curlisto Diametrix method. Kali and her team use only the best products and techniques to achieve the optimal end result.

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  • If you keep part of your hair away from your face and add a little more height instead, your eyes rise and you look more youthful. In addition, this hairstyle is popular with young people. women, because it is not only practical, but also creates a cool and slightly wild "undone" (messy) look. Stars like Duchess Kate, JLo or Beyonce are also convinced of this and love half up.

    12 December 2021
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    12 December 2021
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