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Interim President and Chief Executive Officer at Texas Health Aetna and 1 other company
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Karl Hess is currently serving as interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Texas Health Aetna (“TH|A”), a joint venture of Texas Health Resources and Aetna, combining Texas Health's high-quality, local providers, and delivery systems with Aetna's health plan and care management expertise, analytical insights, and health information technology. Texas Health Aetna combines the strengths of traditional health care plans and health systems to create a truly integrated solution that is simple to navigate and puts the member's experience first. The local health plan is committed to providing access to affordable, high-quality health care services and delivering customized member experiences throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Karl also serves as Managing Director of OnDigitalHealth Consulting, LLC, a specialized strategy consulting firm which he founded to serve the burgeoning and rapidly diversifying digital health industry, serving clients across the healthcare and life sciences spectrum. Having interacted extensively with hundreds of digital health companies over the years, as well as with dozens of their healthcare and life sciences investors, customers and partners, Karl has become known as a leading subject matter expert on the topics of successful digital health business models, commercialization, investment and technologies. From pharmaceuticals to medical devices and software (SaMD), digital health tools and therapeutics and health optimization and population health management platform technologies to entire care delivery ecosystems, Karl has helped design, develop and commercialize dozens of innovative products and services across the healthcare and life sciences industries, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental revenues and more than $20B in value-unlocking transactions.

Karl was formerly CEO of Kalico Partners, LLC, a technology-enabled provider and population health management organization (PHMO), and Chief Digital Health Officer of Collain Healthcare, a former subsidiary of LG CNS. Prior to Collain, Karl held the role of Vice President, Corporate Development at Welltok, Inc., an award-winning consumer activation solutions company that improves people’s total wellbeing. In one of his earliest digital health endeavors, Karl was a key member of the commercial team at Welldoc, Inc., helping to bring Welldoc’s BlueStar platform to market, one of the world’s first, and most successful, digital therapeutics. Earlier in his career, Karl worked for several start-up and Fortune 500 molecular diagnostics, biopharmaceutical, medical technology companies and consulting firms including Genentech, Becton Dickinson and PRTM, principally across product development and management, and market, business and corporate development, licensing and M&A.

Over the years Karl has had the opportunity to participate in multiple successful exits as an entrepreneur and work on and lead projects for 9 of the Top 20 pharmaceutical companies, 11 of the Top 20 medical device firms and 4 of the Top 25 PE firms, and has had global management responsibilities of leading extended teams of up to 500 and >$300MM P&L.

Karl began his career as a life sciences researcher, conducting pre-clinical cancer and human genetics research at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and biotechnology R&D for what are now several subsidiaries of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Karl received a B.A. in Biology and an M.B.A. both from The University of Texas at Austin.

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  • I feel strongly that we are about to enter into a new and distinctly different evolutionary stage of the digital health segment, one that is increasingly able to provide the necessary scale to make wholesale, positive impact to the objectives of the Quadruple Aim, and to the broader healthcare and life sciences industries as well. This next stage will be characterized by the ability to enable and leverage peta- and even exabyte-level data streams, ever-increasing automation via artificial intelligence and machine learning advances, and an entirely new and unprecedented level of “virtualization.”

    18 June 2021
  • I've long foretold (well, for several years, now) of the future of healthcare represented in a 3D-holographic A.I.-clinician-genie that pops up in your living room anytime your vitals begin to fluctuate outside of normal parameters: "Please state the nature of the medical emergency." It's coming.

    18 June 2021
  • Continued adoption of technology + steady progression of value-based care (and pricing pressures) + population health management perspective = a real battle royale for the home, with combatants coming from all directions and sectors: home health / home care, big tech, consumer electronics, startups, private equity, payers, providers - you name it, they're all in the mix, competing for space in and data from our homes.

    18 June 2021
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