Karlo Tanjuakio

CEO & Founder at Kure
On the record

Karlo Tanjuakio is an inventive, purpose-driven entrepreneur based in Hawaii. Karlo’s mission is to optimize humanity by empowering teams around the world to improve their communities, companies, and environments with technology. Karlo Tanjuakio was a born entrepreneur and has always been interested in finding ways to help people help themselves in better, more efficient ways. In 2021, Karlo Tanjuakio founded Kure, a software company with a mission to provide the technology and education needed to help individuals and teams increase their productivity. Kure’s goal is to empower everyone to reach their greatest potential — together. As an entrepreneur, Karlo Tanjuakio’s work revolves around empowering people to collaborate with one another towards the greater good. With a diverse team of experts in technology, optimization, and education, Karlo and the team at Kure have experienced success through implementing dozens of proven process improvement methodologies in Healthcare, Finance, Government, Nonprofits and beyond.

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  • Inefficient, error-prone processes cost companies tons of money. If errors in a process result in poor service or defects in your products, every time that process is run, you’re losing money because you need to spend money fixing those errors. If your teams understand how to optimize those processes to eliminate errors, the monetary benefits will far outweigh traditional budget-cutting ideas.

    14 July 2022
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