Kate Udalova

Founder, Chief Product Officer at 7taps
On the record

I am a passionate L&D professional with a marketing background and love for EdTech. Now I am on the adventure of building my own company. Just like you, I got tired of struggling with complicated eLearning platforms. Like your learners, I've had enough of clicking "Next" to continue. So my team and I made something better. 7taps is a web-based authoring tool that allows for the creation of bite-sized courses faster than ever. We are making microlearning development simple to use, available to everyone, and dare I say...FUN?

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  • We give our customers a superpower to finally get through to their employees. Our approach transforms corporate learning into something your employees want to do, not something they are forced to deal with. We looked to develop an insanely simple product from the outset. It guides the user to create clear and well-structured courses. And no pre-training is required to operate 7taps. The result is a product which HR specialists or even business owners can use to build high-impact courses in minutes.

    17 August 2021
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