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Kate Williams is CEO of 1% for the Planet, a global movement that inspires action and commitment so that our planet and future generations thrive. Kate joined the 1% for the Planet team in 2014 and stepped into her role as CEO in May 2015 with a strong leadership track record, including roles as Board Chair of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), as Executive Director of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, as founder of an agricultural business, and as an elected political official. She brings a deep passion for the power of collective action to all she does.

As CEO, Kate has led significant growth in 1% for the Planet’s scale and impact, guiding deep work on best practices for implementing high-impact giving strategies, growing a global brand, and operating as a highly effective and innovative enterprise

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  • “What we do is gather a lot of information about our nonprofit partners. And gather a lot of information about what our companies are trying to accomplish. Then we're able to provide the best nonprofit partners for those companies so they can be most effective together.”

    Williams explains, “there's Charity Navigator, GuideStar, and other tools that are really useful for providing certain ways of understanding the efficacy of nonprofits. None of them have a perfect lens.” What 1% For The Planet has found to be critical for satisfying and sustainable, win-win partnerships between donors and not-for-profits is that the organization “matches what the donor cares most about, and how you believe change happens.”

    Williams explains that it’s important to think about your ability to give because “if your gift is this big and the nonprofit is this big, you may be like a drop of dye in the ocean and that may not feel satisfying. Other people may still really like a certain organization

  • The IPCC report brought out a statement from Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet, “Today’s IPCC/UN Climate report sheds stark light on the challenges and urgency of the climate crisis and its impact on our lives, our communities, and our planet. 1% for the Planet’s global network consists of thousands of businesses, individuals, and environmental nonprofits working toward a better future for all.”

  • Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet, explains, "Currently, only 3% of total philanthropy goes to the environment and only 5% of that comes from businesses. The planet needs bigger support than this, and our growing network of business members is doing its valuable part to increase giving and support on-the-ground outcomes. We're excited to welcome SumUp to our global movement."