Katherine Wells

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Serenity Engage
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Katherine Wells is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Serenity Engage. Together with her co-podcaster, Katherine started an international conversation about the challenges we face as an industry, the new innovation being released, and inspiring others to take action. She also launched a collaborative HIPAA-compliant messaging platform for care teams to collaborate, and families to have insight into the care of their loved one.

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  • In that process, I realized that I had a preconceived notion that when you move somebody into residential care that everything is handled, and that you just show up and visit. That is not at all true. I really got the inefficiencies that happen inside the senior care system and I knew we could solve them. There is a lot of amazing, extraordinary care that happens inside the four walls of senior care that family never sees. Serenity allows that community to put a spotlight on what they’re doing.

    19 October 2021
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