Kathryn George

On the record

As a Partner with oversight of Private Banking’s Multi-Family Office, Center for Family Business and BBH Trust Companies, Kathryn George helps clients achieve their definition of success for their family, wealth and business over generations. She also serves as the Chairwoman of the BBH Center for Women & Wealth. As a member of Women Moving Millions, Kathryn is also very engaged with clients, helping them develop and execute on their philanthropic goals.

Recent Quotes
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  • We still hear about clients who give their sons a thousand dollars to try some stock picking, but don’t have their daughters do the same. When we ask why, they say because she’s not interested. Well, maybe she’s not interested because you’re not talking about it with her.

    2 December 2021
  • There’s a lot of pressure from the next generation to have a mission and to be intentional about where your funds are going.

    2 December 2021