Kathy Adams

Chief Commercial Officer at Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC)
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Kathy has more than 20 years of leadership and bottom-line results in B2B and B2C companies from startups to Fortune 100 across the SaaS, home appliances, automotive, and marine industries. Leveraging her technical expertise, financial savvy, and business acumen, she has increased earnings up to 300%, revenue as much as 250%, and lead generation up to 63%, while cutting costs as much as $300,000 within 6 months.

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  • The biggest things are availability of product, the size of trailers and elements on the inside. It varies by cargo trailer and car trailer, but we tried to build in the basics with the most popular ATC add-ons.

  • We know that customers want great trailers that they can depend upon and trust to haul precious items; but they also want to take possession of great trailers for use this summer, not in months or even next year. The ATC Limited series models give customers the option of getting a premium-outfitted trailer delivered quickly, or ordering a completely customized trailer that will be delivered on a longer timeframe.

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