Kevin Baughey

Segment Leader - Transportation and Motorsports at 3D Systems at 3D SYSTEMS
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Kevin Baughey is the Segment Leader of Transportation and Motorsports at 3D Systems. Kevin has broad knowledge in B2B enterprise solutions including business development, formulating market needs, defining solutions, building the business case, developing user experience, and developing Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy. He has led innovations in a broad set of domains such as cloud business applications/platforms, automotive component development and manufacturing, vehicle systems architecture, machine-to-machine telemetry systems, consumer mobile devices, server/client telematics, and mobile payment platforms.

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  • We are at a point where there is a lot of technological innovation, which translates to a lot of iteration and therefore a lot of design. Additive provides an avenue for manufacturers to keep that window open as they develop the science and product through its life cycling. With each new application they're either really advancing the science and we're learning to understand the fundamentals, or we're really trying to streamline and make the process as efficient and effective as possibly, so we can replicate those and bring the parts into production.

    23 August 2021
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    23 August 2021
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    Segment Leader - Transportation and Motorsports at 3D Systems