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As the sole labor and employment attorney for AmTrust Financial Services, I am a key legal and business advisor to the AmTrust executive team and AmTrust businesses in the U.S., U.K., and Europe on employee relations matters including EEOC, ADA, FMLA, FLSA, UK Employment Rights Act and Working Time Regulations, harassment and discrimination matters, unfair competition issues, wage and hour claims, performance counseling, termination, severance and benefits consulting issues, in addition to managing global employment litigation matters. I also conduct and provide advice relative to internal investigations and review, negotiate and draft employment agreements, severance agreements, restrictive covenants and other related agreements. Prior to joining AmTrust, I was a Partner at Frantz Ward LLP in Cleveland where I maintained a diverse practice in the areas of labor and employment, OSHA and related workplace safety issues, product liability and commercial litigation for nearly 12 years.

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  • Most companies are not mandating it because it creates a couple of different legal landmines … but even for those that are encouraging their workforces to get the vaccine, there are still some legal issues and compliance issues to think about. The first is incentives – a lot of companies want to get their employees to take the vaccine, so the first thing that comes to mind is offering an incentive to get them to do that, whether it’s a couple hours, or a day of PTO. Some companies are offering cash or some other type of incentive … But you have to be careful that the incentives are not so large that they become coercive.

    14 April 2021
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    Corporate Counsel of Labor & Employment at AmTrust