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Kent Barton, Head of Tokenomics workstream for the ShapeShift DAO and former ShapeShift Head of Research and Development, is responsible for analyzing and anticipating developments in the world of blockchain technology and its associated market trends and dynamics. His leadership has ensured that the organization's strategic and product development efforts anticipate the industry's ever-shifting landscape. Widely published and a well-spoken thought leader, Barton has issued a number of detailed reports on innovations within decentralized finance, distributed computing, crypto-centric investment strategies and more, and continues to be a sought-after speaker. In 2014, Barton founded an Ethereum-based community in Denver, which eventually gave rise to ETHDENVER, one of the largest blockchain annual hackathons.

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  • DeFi is gaining momentum, and we think that is an extremely positive trend. The decentralized, community aspect of DeFi has meant that it lacks many of the risk reduction features of traditional financial avenues. However, the DeFi community itself is coming to the rescue by creating a decentralized solution. It's an emerging field that is worth continuing to watch.

    23 May 2021
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