Kevan Burton

Data and Telecom Manager at Rosendin
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Kevan is a technically oriented and multitasking network and telecom engineer with a broad skill set and extensive experience in telecom and mobile services, VoIP and video conferencing infrastructure, video digital signage distribution, data and voice carrier circuits, fiber and copper cabling infrastructure design and implementation, testing, and troubleshooting, as well as LAN/WAN switching and routing experience.

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  • Due to the limited coverage areas of mid and high-band 5G, we have not yet been able to utilize 5G at this time fully. We’re still using 4G LTE at many of our construction job sites where traditional wire line services are not available, such as in rural areas where we build solar and wind farms.

    25 March 2021
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  • Rosendin
    Data and Telecom Manager