Kevin M. Rendino

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at 180 Degree Capital
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Kevin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at 180 Degree Capital. He is currently applying passion for investing to corporate boards, helping CEOs and their teams drive business excellence, providing new financial insight and perspective for better decision making; advocate for the alignment of management and boards’ actions with shareholders’ interests.

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  • We mentioned on our recent shareholder call that the proceeds from this sale were eminent, and we are pleased to say this cash is now in 180’s account. We are proud of the material progress made in reforming 180’s balance sheet since its inception in 2017. This substantial addition to 180’s permanent capital comes at an opportune time as the current market environment presents attractive investment opportunities that we believe have the potential to generate gross returns of at least 100% over a three-year period.

    31 May 2022
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