Kevin Mako

Founder and President at Mako Design + Invent
On the record

Kevin Mako is the world’s leading expert on hardware startups. He is the Founder of MAKO Design + Invent, the pioneer firm for providing world-class end-to-end physical consumer product development tailored to inventors, product startups, and small manufacturers. Est 1999, Mako Design is a 30-person team with offices in Austin, Miami, San Francisco, & Toronto, has developed over 1,000 products for clients and has earned over 25 design and business awards including Red Dot, Inc5000, Entrepreneur360, Indigo Gold, Creative Pool Gold, Best Places to Work, Lux Magazine Best Design Firm in North America, and many others. Kevin lectures at the Masters of Engineering program at Ryerson University, sits on a number of entrepreneurship and education boards, and holds the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award designation. He is the host of The Product Startup Podcast, the hardware development industry’s leading podcast.

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  • The best ideas are the simplest ones to understand, the easiest to use and solve a specific pain point. Lindsay and Kyle’s Kik-Fix checks those boxes. They set out to invent a hamper that was simple and fun to use.

    4 January 2022