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Kim DeCarlis is the Chief Marketing Officer at PerimeterX. She is a passionate go-to-market executive with unique combination of product marketing, brand building and high-tech sales experience. She provides customer-focused marketing leadership for B to B technology companies during transformational periods, resulting in customer momentum, influencer recognition and revenue growth.

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  • Account takeover (ATO) attacks are a major threat to any business. It is much simpler and lucrative to walk in through the front door of a digital business with valid stolen credentials than to look for holes in an organization’s cybersecurity defenses. PerimeterX research found that between 75-85% of all login attempts in the second half of 2020 were account takeover attempts. Unfortunately, this was the case for TurboTax. Businesses need to be aware of signs that they’ve been attacked – including surges in help desk calls, spikes in password resets and inhuman user behaviors such as thousands of login attempts on an account in a short time period – and take appropriate action. Consumers need to make sure they are using different passwords on every site and locking down their credit reports as well.

    10 July 2021