Kim A Odhner

Managing Partner, Co-Founder - Europe and Asia at Unovis Asset Management
On the record

Kim is a committed impact investor and curious consumer of all foods plant-based. His sense of urgency around the impact of rapid global development, and the need for a more sustainable global food system, comes from more than 25 years of residing and investing in emerging economies throughout Southeast Asia. From Amsterdam, Kim oversees the firm’s operations in Europe and Asia; and serves as Chair of Green Pro International, and Directorships in The Protein Brewery, Heura Foods, and Green Rebel Foods.

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  • “Whether humans avert catastrophic climate change or not, there is life today – animals, forests, oceans, people – that needs protection. More than ever, it is up to individuals, innovative companies, visionary investors and policymakers to drive that change. We understand that addressing the interwoven injustices of the global food system can help facilitate meaningful action, and we’re proud to be supporting innovation in alternative protein as a way to move that needle forward.”

    18 February 2022
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