Kim Saxton

Clinical Professor of Marketing at Indiana University Bloomington
On the record

Data-Driven Marketing Professor, Author and Presenter. I've been helping students improve their marketing prowess since 2004. I came by my interest in data-driven decisions naturally, with a BS in Marketing from MIT, reinforced by an MBA and PhD in Marketing from IU. I've been recognized with numerous teaching awards. I've published broadly on new data analysis techniques, effective advertising and the impact of different kinds of promotions. At the same time, I believe data should be practical. Good marketers find a way to blend both art and science to be successful. I hone my skills as a successful marketer by working with local startups to help launch and expand their businesses. In my spare time, I use data to train for endurance athletic events including Ironman triathlon.

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  • "When thinking about a customer Bill of Rights, there are two issues to contend with," said M. Kim Saxton, clinical professor of marketing at the Indiana Kelley School of Business. "The first is what predicts customer satisfaction with a call center. And the second is what should callers rightly expect to happen. For example, perceived wait time is a consistent predictor of caller satisfaction. But, does a caller have a right to have a short wait time? No, probably not because it is outside of the call center's control."

    24 September 2021
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