Kimberlee Davis

Partner + Managing Director at The Bahnsen Group
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The Bahnsen Group has built a strong reputation for delivering investment strategies and wealth management experiences. Our philosophy is our passionate commitment to the idea that a successful wealth management strategy comes from knowing our clients, and truly understanding their needs. Our vision is to be a quality provider of wealth management services to all those within our sphere of influence. We do not want to merely be great; we want to be extraordinary in the size and scope of our business, but, more importantly, extraordinary in the impact we have on our clients’ financial lives.

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  • Be willing to ask yourself uncomfortable questions about your current situation so you can set appropriate goals. Before women can set a financial goal, they must do an assessment of their financial situation by knowing and understanding all the facts about their current financial landscape. The best way to gather this knowledge is by creating a budget and evaluating what money is coming in, how much is being spent and on what, how much debt they have and what their credit score is. Setting financial goals must be done in the context of their current situation so they have clarity as to what to strive for.