Kirsten Lee Hill, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO at Kirsten Lee Hill Consulting
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Dr. Kirsten Lee Hill is a researcher, creative, and entrepreneur. She works with people and organizations who have an idea for how to make society better and want to use research to amplify their impact. She supports them by making research accessible while also centering their personal wellbeing so they can secure more money, earn credibility, and confidently advocate for their vision to change the status quo.

Since starting her company in 2016, Kirsten has coached over 150 entrepreneurs on measurement and evaluation; helped raise millions in grant funding for research and innovative ideas; and partnered with global leaders in innovation such as Virgin Unite and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Kirsten earned her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania where she studied school turnarounds and led the development of citywide surveys to measure alternative indicators of success in schools. Having worked on everything from randomized control trials to designing alternative teacher education programs, Kirsten is an expert in creatively leveraging traditional research expertise to support community-driven change. She currently serves as Co-Director and Co-PI of a Bill & Melinda Gates-funded national study of professional learning in addition to running her boutique consulting firm which is committed to making research a tool for good in the world while centering the role of self-care. Through her podcast, Graceful Rulebreakers, Kirsten inspires her listeners to seek sustainable change, using her own self-care journey as a blueprint to help others.