KJ Hoard Nasrul

Founder, Psychotherapist, Consultant + Coach at Bliss Begins Within Psychotherapy + Consulting
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I'm a licensed Psychotherapist, Woman of Color, privacy specialist, Psychological First Aid responder, musician, writer, communications instructor, Transracial Adoptee, and mental health advocate. I guide Essential Workers in healthcare, education, and customer service industries towards optimal mental wellness, self-compassion, and trauma recovery using expressive arts and EMDR therapies so that they can continue serving their neighborhoods and communities during this world health crisis.

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  • “I can understand the idea that emotional stress around an election, especially involving the candidate Donald Trump, could lead to an increase in cardiovascular illnesses,” Nasrul wrote while listening to her neighbors’ cheers over the announcement that Joe Biden had won.
    “I'm a fairly healthy individual myself with no history of cardiovascular disease and I can now feel my breath deepening, my stomach unclenching, my heart rate slowing at the news of Biden's win.”

    12 November 2020
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