Krishna Rao

CFO at Cedar
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Strategic finance leader with deep experience in capital markets, corporate and business development, FP&A, and private equity. Strong focus on team building, learning, and growth through partnership with operating executives and teams at Airbnb, Blackstone, and Bain & Company prior to joining Cedar as CFO.

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  • The problem Cedar is solving is so tangible. When you tell people about Cedar’s mission, everyone has a personal experience to share. Right now I actually have a 6-page explanation of benefits from my insurance company sitting in front of me that I am trying to make sense of—a perfect example of what Cedar is addressing. Almost everyone has had a healthcare billing issue either for themselves or in their family so it is extremely relevant, especially given how expensive medical care is in this country. I believe Cedar’s relentless focus on improving the consumer experience in healthcare is the best way to address the problem.

    5 December 2021
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