Kunjana Mavunda, MD

Board-Certified Pediatric Pulmonologist and Travel Medicine Physician at KIDZ Medical
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Kunjana Mavunda, MD is a Board-certified pediatric pulmonologist and travel medicine physician with extensive clinical and research experience. She has provided care to infants, children and adults in South Florida since 1987. A multinational individual with experience in academic medicine, public health and private practice, Dr. Mavunda is considered a top Florida expert on the COVID pandemic and other infectious diseases.

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  • Doctors' offices and hospitals use sophisticated devices that provide continuous reading. These devices are the size of a hardcover book and have rechargeable batteries that can last several hours.

    3 August 2021
  • If the trip is long, and an overnight stay at a hotel is required—that increases the exposure. And, if there is only one driver for the long trip, that can be risky due to fatigue. Long trips will require stops along the way. Bathrooms, gas stations, and restaurants are places where exposure occurs.

    3 August 2021
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    Board-Certified Pediatric Pulmonologist and Travel Medicine Physician