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Vice President, Human Resources at Bailard and 4 other companies
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Kyle’s background seamlessly melds a quantitative and qualitative approach to human resources, reflecting our own approach to wealth management and asset management. She will partner with our firm’s leaders to create clear, measurable goals that will keep our employees rooted in providing the best support to our clients and create a foundation for the future of our firm.

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  • Setting up such a system is pretty complicated, however. For one thing, training done virtually lacks the natural give-and-take that happens when colleagues work together in person. “You miss the interactions that might have happened in a hallway conversation,” says Kyle Berkley, vice president of human resources at Bailard, a 69-employee Foster City, Calif., firm with around $4.8 billion in assets.

    Also, determining who might be the best employee to train a new hire requires some work—pinpointing the person’s responsibilities and skill sets and setting up a training schedule. At Bailard, Berkley works with managers to map out the different elements of new recruits’ jobs and the first tasks they’re likely to take on, plus the internal systems they’ll need access to. All new hires attend four or five initial Zoom meetings, with the number of later sessions depending on their role and level of experience.

    Another way to monitor how employees are doing is through surveys. At Bailard, executives regularly send employees questionnaires about their experiences working from home, using those responses to shape programs and policies. One survey from last year revealed that several individuals felt they’d be more productive if they had printers in their home offices. With that in mind, the next companywide email included guidelines for how to expense office supplies and equipment. Some managers also have surveyed their teams to get a better understanding of their attitudes toward various issues. For example, one person asked about whether employees liked holding virtual daily morning meetings or felt it was too much. The unanimous response was a thumbs-up for the daily meetings.

    19 March 2021
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