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Food Editor at The Spruce Eats
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Kysha Harris has a joyous passion for food and a never-ending curiosity for the business of food. From farmers and purveyors to cooks and chefs to consumers and the industry as a whole, Kysha's appreciation and respect cannot be denied. This is always her inspiration for what she does. Kysha began her almost two-decade, entrepreneurial food career with SCHOP! (shop+chop), a personalized in-home food business offering weekly menu planning, shopping, prepping and cooking service in the New York TriState area. Through this work, Kysha built her brand around a core competence of "the business of food" by seeking and creating opportunities in writing and editing, consulting, publishing, producing, teaching and public speaking.

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  • The first thing to note is that all fruits and vegetables are different, so there's not one singular strategy that will prolong the life of every item.

    10 October 2021
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