Larry Leete

President at Aradatum
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Larry is the President at Aradatum. He is a business-adventurist and technology enthusiast. Known for building and launching disruptive companies and P&Ls, he successfully created and developed six brands over the past 17 years, including contract office furniture, energy controls, and wireless technology businesses. Earlier in his career, Larry worked for global organizations such as Steelcase, General Electric, and Legrand.

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  • The pandemic drove everyone out of the cities, away from the ‘zombie apocalypse.’ They went to places like New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho and Montana. Meanwhile, Industry 4.0 is coming to rural areas with things like John Deere’s new autonomous tractor, but lots of farms don’t have broadband access. You don’t see cell towers in farm fields. And the electrical grid wasn’t designed to support all this–it was designed in the 19th century to turn lights on and refrigerate food. It can’t support the tech we have now.

    15 March 2022
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