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A family nurse practitioner and seasoned health care administrator, I’ve found my passion in training the future of the field. Through my company, Latrina Walden Exam Solutions, I provide small group and on-demand video preparation courses for nurse practitioner students preparing for their certification exams. As a faculty member, I boast highly developed research skills and implement strategies through lesson planning and teaching experience. And throughout my nursing career, I’ve provided an exemplary record of caring and thorough medical services utilizing critical thinking skills in nursing processes, while also being an excellent interpersonal communicator and providing the highest standards of hospitality and services to patients—skills I now use and share with future nurse practitioners. Highly skilled in nursing management, long-term care, healthcare consulting, team building, burnout, test taking strategies/skills as well as a strong professional research background.

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  • I started this company because of the deficits that were apparent to me in traditional nurse practitioner programs, where teaching is often dry and relatively unengaging. What started out as an educational resource for nurse practitioner candidates has blossomed into so much more. We are a growing community of nurses dedicated to mastering our craft while supporting one another.