Laura Woolford

Chief People Officer at AlertMedia
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Laura Woolford is the Chief People Officer at AlertMedia. She finds great joy in supporting others, whether she is coaching/counseling leaders, translating business strategy into an easy-to-understand people strategy, or building teams of diverse individuals with complementary skills. Laura has supported teams from all areas, including Global Engineering (in both Technology and Industrial businesses), Manufacturing (both part-production and assembly teams), Inside & Outside Sales, Customer Service & Support, and Six Sigma quality organizations.

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  • Should OSHA’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate go into effect, it’s important to remember that keeping employees safe should not be a political stance. Every employer has a responsibility to ensure their employees are safe and productive while at work. However, that doesn’t mean employees aren’t going to raise concerns, so HR leaders should be prepared to help them understand the why behind the policy and that OSHA’s guidelines have been implemented to ensure the continued safety of all workers everywhere.

    5 November 2021
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