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Burning Soul Press, LLC. turns inspiring life stories into impact-driven, book-led movements and fosters positive, generational change. We help capture experiences, perspectives, knowledge, transformations, revelations, and growth to empower others. The Burning Soul Press team of industry professionals and bestselling authors specialize in book coaching, ghostwriting, publishing, and marketing to empower authors to share their stories. Founded by Lauren Eckhardt, the name Burning Soul originally came from a collection of essays she wrote when she was only 9 years old. It was her thoughts on all types of topics ranging from bullying to marriage to racism. She called it “One Burning Soul” because of a vision she had of someone caught in a glass box, screaming and pounding as people walked by, dying to be seen and heard for who they truly are, yet being ignored. When it came time to launch Burning Soul Press, Lauren knew her drive was to re-write that narrative and help people’s time here on this earth MATTER by their journeys being honored and captured in something that’s not easily erased: books.

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  • "My life's purpose is to capture as many authentic stories as possible to inspire and empower others while creating powerful movements that generate lifetimes of positive change. The best part about running a soul-driven business is that we can create programs that accomplish exactly that. Every program and service we have is intentionally designed to help people step into their most authentic self, find their inner power through their life journey, and write a book that transforms lives and this world for years to come..."

    “I love the positive impact books can have on our lives. I mean, being an author is powerful – I believe sharing your story with the world is one of the most meaningful things we can do. Sharing people’s stories can make the world a better place, and that's what we intend to do.”