Lauren Salz

Co-founder & CEO at Sealed
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Lauren is passionate about using financial and technological innovation to improve the lives of American homeowners. Under Lauren’s leadership, Sealed has been named one of the 10 most innovative energy companies of 2021 by Fast Company.

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  • That rebate process can be very difficult to navigate. Customers appreciate when you help them take advantage of it.

    13 January 2022
  • In regard to health, I had major hip surgery in the middle of a fundraiser, and I had to go back to investor meetings on crutches within two business days. Those are the types of things you have to do in order to not let life get in the way of your company, but I also believe in not letting your company get in the way of your life.

    13 January 2022
  • An energy efficient home is more comfortable and healthier for the homeowner, and ultimately better for the planet. But modernizing outdated heating and cooling systems is an expensive and time-consuming task, so most homes remain stuck in the past.

    13 January 2022
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